We are conducting statutory Auditing, Forensic Auditing, and Specialized Auditing including Auditing for non-profit organizations. We know the cost and effort of compliance with financial regulations is an increasing burden on the business. We believe Auditing and Assurance should add value to the organization by identifying the risks and the ways of managing them. Furthermore, we understand the importance of working closely with Board of director’s and Audit Committee to solve Audit issues within the agreed time frame.
Victory Auditors, approaches the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders; we conduct statutory and non-statutory audits for our clients. The extent of the examination and reporting on statutory audits is tailored to be in harmony with clients’ requirements and expectations and we place strict standards and high expectations on our professionals to deliver a final work product that fairly, fully and independently assesses the condition of the organization. We also consider our audit as intelligence to help the organization run business better, now and in the future: a vehicle for both verification and continuous improvement. Victory Auditors have partner and staffs with different specialty and has assigned work based on this specialization. It has set special service group which carries out non statutory audit assignments which involve among other things the evaluation and implementation of accounting and internal control systems and procedures.Victory Auditors has developed its own audit methodology to ensure that audit working papers are sufficiently supported and all the audit issues pertinent to the business are addressed.

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We provide high quality, cost-effective and timely assurance and advisory services to our clients without compromising our high ethical and professional standards we observe.

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