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We provide consulting services, which means we help companies and businesses to identify, explore, and solve their challenges. The end-goal is to help the businesses understand and improve their positions, in terms of reduced costs, reduced risks, and smarter decisions. Our services focus on management consulting, accounting, taxation, organization management: strategy, buildout, and guidance.
A lot of people use these terms interchangeably. To clarify: - A consultant provides strategic guidance to company leadership - A technical contractor works in a staff-augmentation capacity You’d engage a consultant to set your direction, then possibly hire contractors to build out that vision. So, Victory works as a Consultant.
We prefer to keep things simple and straightforward: - We start with initial consultant. This is free, brief meeting in which we learn about each other and we get a deeper picture of your situation; - If there is mutual interest, we work together to scope out a project; - After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started and That’s it
Our clients range from 2 – 200 employees and from pre-launch start-ups to companies with $275 million dollars in annual revenue.

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