Senior Consultant

ACPA-PP: Dickson Tumsiime

He has over eight years of working experience, he has a firm foundation in business and strategy obtained from CPA, ACCA, Bachelor of Accounting and Finance studies. He is a complete and competent professional at corporate financial management especially in strategy and transactional services. Above all, he is particularly adept at streamlining, reorganizing and leading a large team productively.His key strengths are flexibility, team play and leadership which enable him to streamline his focus on being a value and purpose-driven professional to the current business dynamics at the local and global level.


Dickson is currently a senior Consultant and has been in that role since end of 2018. Before that role, he worked with KPMG East Africa as senior financial analyst and was involved in a number of accounting and auditing services for clients across different industries including but not limited to Not-for-Profit, Energy, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, education, healthcare, Telecom Media and Technology as senior auditor.

Professional Skills

Business development


Corporate finance